Gom Video Converter Free Download

Free Try out most of GOM Video Converter's multitude of features in the free trial version.
Quick and Easy
Intuitive user-interface and built in conversion presets make GOM Video Converter easy for anyone to use. Not only that, it also boasts faster conversion speeds than other video converters. Users with multi-core processors can use the multi-conversion function to convert several files simultaneously.
Intel Quick Sync Video Support
Support for Intel Quick Sync Video lets you convert videos at blinding speeds (only available on PCs that are Intel Quick Sync Video enabled).
Download Embedded Videos
With GOM Picker you can download embedded flash video from your favorite video websites.
Multiple Formats
Supporting a comprehensive array of input and output formats, GOM Video Converter enables you to convert almost any video, even those you couldn't with other conversion software.
Multiple Devices
GOM Video Converter supports output formats for a wide variety of devices such as iPad, iPod, iPhone, PSP, PS3, Xbox 360, Zune, Blackberry, Android, and more.
Advance Functionality
Adding subtitles, extracting audio, embedding your own logo, and creating snapshot previews are only a few of the advanced features that come standard in GOM Video Converter.

Input Formats
FLV (FLL) / MP4 / AVI / DivX / MPEG-1 / MPEG-2 / MKV / OGM / WMV / ASF / MOV / RM / RMVB / M4V / VOB / 3GP / QT / TP / MTS / MP3 / WAV / M4A / AAC
*MOV, RM, and RMVB videos require installation of additional codecs.
Output Formats
AVI(XviD, DivX, MotionJPEG, AVC) / MP4(MPEG-4, AVC) / WMV / FLV (H.263, H.264) / 3GP/ 3G2 / OGM / SWF / MP3 / M4A / AAC / PCM
Supported Devices
iPhone, iPad, iPad 2, iPod Touch, iPod Nano, iPod Classic, PSP, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, Zune, Blackberry, Android (Nexus One, Xperia X10, HTC Magic, HTC Desire, Galaxy S), Walkman, and more.
GOM Encoder offers to convert a variety of video files into a more usable format, especially for portable viewing devices. This program was professional and simple throughout, which made it a delight to operate.
The program's interface has a high-quality design that makes it smooth to navigate. Its clearly labeled commands meant we never felt confused or needed to consult the Help file's instructions. The program breaks down the process of conversion into a few simple steps with little opportunity for diversion, an aspect that made it welcoming for all skill levels. We simple plucked our favorite videos from our hard drive and chose new file types. We love how the new file type options display what device they work with; for example: MP4s for iPods and cell phones, WMV for Internet streaming, and so on. The actual conversion process took only a few seconds for a minute-long video and it maintained the original's content and quality. In fact, the entire process, from start to finish, took only a few minutes, which was fantastic. The program also offered many special features, though they focus on customizing video bit rates and quality and will likely appeal mostly to expert users. With its easy functions and many features, GOM Encoder proved to be a fine choice for all skill levels.
GOM Encoder is available for unlimited use, although with a watermark. Its ability to smoothly convert files and cater to all skill levels makes this a program we recomm.

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