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Cadillacs and Dinosaurs; The Arcade Game (known in Japan as Cadillacs Kyouryuu Shin Seiki) is a 1992 arcade game released by Capcom. It is a beat ‘em up based upon the comic Xenozoic Tales which was created by Mark Schultz in the late eighties. The game-play is like that of many other side-scrolling beat’em up games of the time, such as Streets of Rage or Final Fight. A distinctive feature of this game is the frequent use of firearms, rarely seen on other games of its kind, which normally favored weapons such as bottles and knives. There is also a sequence in which the player can get control of the titular vehicle by radioing for it. It is difficult to keep the car intact for long, because the boss at the end of the sequence (Hogg) is armed with grenades.
In Cadillacs and Dinosaurs the player has access to several attacks. Each character has two special moves; one that is performed by pressing down then up and the attack button, and the other which loses health on contact and is performed by pressing the attack and jump buttons together. When two or more players play together, placing their characters on top one another will trigger a team-attack.

Regular enemies
Weapons are subdivided into three distinct classes: mêlée weapons, throwing weapons and firearms. Melee ones can have their attacks "delayed for extra damage", implying that the longer the player keeps the attack button pressed, the more damage it deals when hitting. Firearms, on the other hand, are mostly limited to their ammunition: when having their ammo fully depleted, they will lie on the ground (with exception of the Bazooka, which disappears right after), waiting for a reload, in which state they can be used as throwing weapons until reloaded (except for Rifle and M-16A1, which will be melee weapons). Bullet boxes will only reload firearms: if there are several firearms scattered around and the player grabs a bullet box, the first firearm picked up right after will be the reloaded one, with full ammo. Throwing weapons usually can be used only once, unless it can be used for melee attacks at close range (like Knife and a broken Rod).
Pistol - standard firearm which does minimal damage, sometimes dropped by a defeated Walther. It holds six bullets.
Shotgun - a powerful roomsweeper PGS12-like firearm which can damage multiple enemies if these are "concentrated" within the gun's firing path. It holds six cartridges.
Rifle - a "less-powerful-but-not-worse" variant of Shotgun, it can occur naturally or (very rarely) be dropped by defeated Poacher J. / Gutter / Skinner enemies. When out of ammo, a Rifle will serve as a melee weapon. It holds 6 rounds.
Uzi - automatic rapid-firing sub-machinegun which can hold up to 48 bullets.
M-16A1 - a firearm that occurs very rarely in the game. Holds up to 48 bullets just like the Uzi (but its shots are slightly more powerful than the former) and can be used as a melee weapon when out of ammo just like the Rifle.
Bazooka - the rarest and most powerful firearm of the game. It only holds up 4 shots and vanishes instantly after expending its load, unless it's reloaded before the last shot is expired. The player will gain a Bazooka automatically by choosing to continue after losing his last life. Just like Grenade and TNT (see below), Bazooka shots can disintegrate to pieces enemies with low remaining health.
Throwing weapons
Grenade and TNT - very powerful. If used on enemies with low health, they will disintegrate into pieces, just like Bazooka shots. These powerful explosives can appear on their own or dropped by defeated Punk / Thug enemies. Grenades can be thrown the same fashion as Stones (see below), and can even hit other enemies who are "horizontally aligned" within its throw trajectory; TNT bundles, on the other hand, do not have this ability, but can physically bash at enemies' heads before igniting into explosion.
Barrel - both Steel Barrel (red) and Wood Barrel (brown) can be picked up and thrown at enemies if the player gets close enough to grab and lift it. Barrels usually contain useful items inside.
TNT Barrel - it looks like a standard Steel Barrel or Wood Barrel, but players can easily distinguish it because of the red flashing on it. Once it is hit by anyone or anything, it starts to ignite and then explodes right a second after, damaging or disintegrating everybody caught in the radius of the blast. Just like default Barrels, TNT Barrels can be picked up and thrown.
Bucket - a smaller Steel Barrel, it has the same uses of one.
Stone - a fairly common but the weakest throwing weapon, each one can only be used a single time. It can hit multiple enemies if they are "aligned horizontally" just like the Grenade.
Knife - for a distance it's a deadly throwing weapon; at close range (when it flashes orange in player's hands) it can be used to stab enemies only once - except fot Hannah, who can stab up to 3 times at melee range. These can be found naturally or dropped by Blade / Razor enemies.
Melee weapons
Rod - a purely melee weapon, it breaks in half after 2-5 hits, when it gains all functionalities of a Knife (see above), including Hannah's close-range stabbing ability.
Torch - another rare weapon, it sets enemies on fire but, unlike Grenade or TNT, it does not disintegrate them in case of low health.
Club - perhaps the second best weapon found through the game, it's basically like the Torch but without fire. It has the particularity of hitting the same enemy 2–3 times per strike, thus causing better damage.
Butchery Knives - they only exist during the boss battle with The Butcher in Stage 2, and are possibly the worst melee weapons of the game. They are the only of all weapons of the game which never disappear, due to The Butcher's constant grab and use of them.
As in a typical beat' em up game, there are nasty enemies to oppose the players, described below.
Bikers (Gneiss, Ferris and Driver) - the most basic enemies of the game, they are usually dim-witted, attacking mostly with punches, kicks and rarely with a flying kick. They also often drop several firearms when defeated. Gneiss enemies can appear on their "powered-up" motorcycles trying to run over the player. Gneiss wear blue with grey (complete with riding goggles), Ferris wear orange with grey, Driver wear black with green (having more life than his fellow friends).
Alternative names in Japanese version: Risk for Gneiss, Astro for Ferris and D.D. for Driver.
Midgets (Punk and Thug) - very annoying small enemies. They are somewhat harder to deal with (and thus can be a real pain for most players) due to their smaller stature and bigger aggressiveness. They jump a lot and attack with fast punches and kicks, shoulder butts, jump kicks and even throwing grenades (for Punk) and TNT bundles (for Thug) - which they can drop when killed. Punk wears blue pants while Thug wears pumpkin pants.
Alternative names in Japanese version: Nitro for Punk and Turbo for Thug.
Knife Men (Blade and Razor) - cruel guys skilled with butchery knives. They can attack both disarmed (with simple punches) and with their trademark knives - which they can use to stab or swipe, execute a jumping downward stab attack, throw them (the player can hit incoming knives to deflect them, thus allowing their use) and use a running swipe attack (which has good priority and shall not be confronted). These guys constantly drop their knives when killed. Blade wears yellow with navy blue and blonde hair, Razor wears lime green with graffiti and tanned skin.
Alternative names in Japanese version: none.
Fat Guys (Black Elmer, Hammer Terhune and Wrench Terhune (commonly Blk Elmer, Hammer T. and Wrench T.)) - powerful obese enemies that can deal good damage if the player is not careful. These former American football players attack with basic punches and kicks, with addition of running shoulder charges and a painful jumping hip smash. In some occasions they will also disturb sleeping Shivats in order to wake them into rampage. They usually bring food in their pockets and smoke cigars when idle. Blk Elmer wears purple with blue clothing, Hammer T. wears gold with red clothing and Wrench T. wears white with green clothing.
Alternative names in Japanese version: James for Blk Elmer.
Hunters (Poacher Joe (commonly Poacher J.), Gutter and Skinner) - the Black Marketeer's most favored gunmen, they are responsible for killing and selling dinosaur leather and bones for luxurious collectors at extorsive prices. These guys wear torn-down sweatshirts, near-discolored pants, climbing boots and hunting rifles (though they rarely fire them, and even more rare they drop their rifles when defeated). Their attacks include combos of rifle smacks with kicks, a rolling rifle smash, a hopping kick and the rare rifle shot. Gutter sports yellow sweatshirt, Poacher J has spinach-green and Skinner wears papaya-red.
Alternative names in Japanese version: Saturn for Gutter and Cobra for Skinner.
Lash Terhune (commonly Lash T.) - tall built guys with leather clothing and a huge steel mace attached to a long rope. Lash T. has basic attacks with knee and his mace, plus a long-range mace fling that deals good damage against any careless victim, friend or foe. He also chews bubblegum after flinging his mace.
Alternative names in Japanese version: none.
Walther - a minor variant of Vice Terhune (Stage 1 Boss), these guys lead the Black Marketeer's poachers in their incursions for killing dinosaurs. He makes his debut in Stage 3 and appears frequently through the game. This enemy has the same actions and skills of the default first boss, but is incredibly harder to fight. Sometimes, Walther drops his handgun when defeated.
Alternative names in Japanese version: Colt.
Bludge - this Blanka-looking creature is a human-reptile hybrid created by Dr. Simon Fessenden himself. Being a reptilian, this foe is a formidable combination of strength and agility, possessing other characteristics such as long jumping kick, diving claw slash and acid spits. He can also grab the player with his tongue and slowly drain his/her health unless the player breaks free. Bludge can also eat objects laying on the ground to prevent their further use in battle (however, if he is killed quickly, the object can be recovered from his stomach before digestion).
Alternative names in Japanese version: Phantom.
Tyrog 2 - just like Walther, this being is a lesser variant of Tyrog (Stage 6 Boss), and is fought only once (in the first scene of Stage 8). This hideous creature combines every action from all of Tyrog's 3 phases. Being a minor-level enemy, Tyrog 2 is easier to kill.
Alternative names in Japanese version: none.

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