Computer networking books pdf

Computer Networks and Transmission Media Types of Networks, topologies, centralized and distributed networks, LAN, WAN, MAN, Broadcast Vs Point to Point networks, Overview of wireless networks, Internet. Network design issues, layered architecture, interfaces and services, service primitives and relationships of services to protocols. Overview of network model : OSI and TCP / IP Physical Layer Maximum data rate of channel, transmission media-guided and unguided and their types with specifications, Communication satellites (GEO/MEO). Modems and protocols, Multiplexing techniques, circuit switching, message switching, packet switching network, Cable TV and Internet over cable. Data Link Layer (LLC and MAC Sublayer) Framing, error control, flow control, simplex stop and wait protocol, sliding window protocols, data link layer in Internet, HDLC, PPP, SLIP. Static and Dynamic channel allocation in LAN , CSMA/CD protocols, collision free protocols, WDMA protocol, IEEE 802 Standards for Ethernet, token bus and token ring, DQDB. Bridges, High speed LAN (fast Ethernet, gigabit Ethernet and FDDI). Networks and Transport Layer Virtual circuits and datagram networks, Circuits switching and packet switching, Routing algorithms, routers and routing protocols. Congestion control and algorithms (issues like delay, load, throughput, jitter etc.)
. Transport layer services and principles. Connectionless v/s connection oriented services like UDP and TCP, QOS (Quality of Services). Application Layer Cryptography, Secret key and public key algorithm, Security issues for Intranet and Internet, DNS (Domain name system), Electronic mail, World Wide Web, Writing a web page in HTML, Sockets and socket programming, Video on Demand. TCP/IP Protocol Suite Layered Architecture, Protocol stack, IP addressing : Classes, Static, Dynamic (DHCP), IPv4 v/s IPv6, Sub-netting: masking and subnet masking. Protocols : Ping, FTP, telnet, http (www), SMTP, SNMP, Trace route, TFTP, BOOTP, DNS, NFS, RPC, ICMP, IGMP, ARP, RARP, etc.

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